The debate whether girls ought to be allowed the identical education as boys has been happening for a long time and, in reality, in some nations, is still going on. Indeed, they have a great tendency to do everything according to their own way of thinking, especially if hey are given a high power in their work. Also, they have, over the years, proved that they are very efficient in their respective fields. Be the woman who's always resourcefully thinking of new strategies to work better. In the political field in Mauritius, as an example, women are advised to join politics. Take a look at the many methods by which you are able to meet and connect with different ladies. Women have a lot of opportunities to grow spiritually and to connect with different women through various activities like Bible studies and exclusive events. If, at that point, the woman is receptive, you are able to move into more details like the responsibilities, the duration of the commitment, etc. What's worse is that some women in different countries do not even bother to wish to alter the status quo and seem to believe that feminism as wrong.

Women have always had a critical part in the church. It's absolutely not possible to think a small number of women could fulfill such lofty targets. Every woman on your team should be encouraged.

Most of my very first meetings with couples run about one hour, so arrange a time you're able to relax and revel in speaking about your wedding. The ideal way to begin is to have the men and women in your group enthusiastic about this fundraiser idea. In addition to such settings, Community Groups are a key approach to start to get to know different ladies in the church. Whether there are any great causes in your community your ladies group can take part in, C. See. The exact same care needs to be taken in making a team as in starting any other ministry. Getting counseling wasn't something which I was comfortable doing in the beginning. Before you read any further, my advice is that if you're a casual visitor to Thailand you may want to remain in Thailand much more time to receive a better feel of what you are going to be getting involved in.

Essentially, time is comparatively short. You'll have some opportunity to do it, and your officiant will be glad to make suggestions about how to structure your ceremony. Managers in some organizations that are pleased with what they are paid will not have enough time to indulge in corruption to earn more money. You might have spent a good deal of time with this individual in earlier times and now you are likely at a loss as to who to hang out with, who to call when you require a shoulder to cry on, and so forth.

One-to-One discipleship provides a unique, systematic summary of your faith. Speak to us for more data on the Women's Ministry and how you are able to become involved. Women's ministry has a lot of meanings. If you want to become involved in our womens ministries, or have any questions on the next events, don't hesitate to get in touch with the church at 715-483-1100. Womens ministry took root in that part of scripture, and it has grown to affect women throughout the world. No cost childrens ministry is supplied for infants up to five years old. The gospel is very good news only to people who recognize their need for Jesus.

God is faithful each month and it's always awesome! Jesus instructs the disciples about how to restore a brother who's caught sinning. He explains the cost of discipleship. Many Christians are somewhat more comfortable dealing with those who have the exact same priorities and beliefs.

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Breaking News (1 March 2001 - 1:00 AM)
Airport Alert - A twin engine plane experienced trouble with its landing gear.  Crews from the Lubbock Fire Department responded to the Lubbock International Airport and were put on a state of alert.  The plane cycled its gear and was able to get all three wheels into the landing position.  Listen with RealPlayer.         Breaking News Log

Pastor John Wagner
Turning Point Community Church
11202 Quaker Ave Lubbock, TX 79424

Earthquake in Washington State: Role of Ham Radio - A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has hit Washington State.  The quake was centered 11 miles Northeast of Olympia, the capitol city, at 10:55 pm Pacific Time.  Seattle shook for over a minute and damage throughout the city has been reported.  The Federal Aviation Administration closed Seattle-Tacoma International Airport following the jolt, saying the facility's control tower had been damaged.  RACES District Emergency Coordinator Ed Bruette, N7NVP, was reported enroute to the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center. "State RACES officer Jim Sutton, WA7PHD, is NCS on the Washington State Emergency Net operating from the State EOC at Camp Murray," he said. "The 'phone Section Nets are activated, and here in King County, ARES volunteers are active on our emergency repeater net with King County EC Rich Hodges, KB7TBF, and Lt. Russ Reed, N7NOV, of the US Coast Guard acting as NCS." Lewis said that several other county ARES nets were active as well.  ARRL Story

Red Means Stop! (1 March 2001)
The House Public Safety Committee voted in favor of HB 1115 which would allow cities to install cameras at intersections to enforce traffic signal laws.  If the bill passes to become law, it is likely that Lubbock will install several cameras at intersections around the city.  Full Story.

Police Auction Website Sells Stolen Goods (1 March 2001)
A website setup by several ex-LAPD cops, including former Police Chief Daryl Gates, sells seized and unclaimed property.  The site splits the proceeds with the law enforcement agencies that provide the loot.  If the legitimate owner of one of the auction items can prove the property belongs to them, then they can use a feature to make a claim and have it shipped to them free of charge.  CNN Story  Related Links - Hot Scanners for sale.

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Live Scanner Audio - Because of power outages and computer problems last weekend, the live scanner audio feed was intermittent, at best.  Those problems have been resolved and the Real Audio feed should return this weekend.

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The Action Notification Network is temporarily offline
- The servers for the Lubbock Radio Network and ANN are located in Seattle, which has been shaken by a powerful earthquake.  Later that afternoon the ASP pages on this site went down.  We don't know if this is directly related to the quake, but our host's ability to provide customer service at this time has been affected.  We hope to have the service running again soon. 

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