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Broadcast AM Radio Stations

AM Radio   580     790     950     1340     1420     1460     1590     kHz = Kilohertz

Frequency: 580 kHz
Callsign: KRFE
Location: Lubbock, N 33 32 0 W 101 49 14
Power: 0.50000 kw
Website: http://www.krfeam580.com/
Notes: Music from the 40's to the present. Shows include; Morning Drive, Ag Talk & News, Afternoon Drive, Hunting and Fishing, Swap Shop, and Good Gospel Music.

Frequency: 790 kHz
Callsign: KFYO
Location: Lubbock, N 33 27 50 W 101 55 30
Power: 5.00000 kw
Website: http://www.kfyo.com/
Notes: News and Information Station. Programming includes; Texas State Network News, CNN Headline News, Jim Stewart Agri-Business Report, KFYO Morning News Hour, Duke and the Doctor, G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Bruce Williams, Ken Hamblin, Coast to Coast AM with Mike Seigel, Pet Talk with Dr. Lewis Hanks, Dr. Dean Edell, Neil Sperry Lawn and Garden, Dreamland with Whitley Stieber, Lubbock Bible, Words of Love, Lubbock School Report, Southside Church of Christ, First Methodist Church, Red Steagall's Cowboy Corner, and Drudge Report with Matt Drudge.

Frequency 950 kHz
Callsign: KXTQ
Location: Lubbock, N 33 34 53 W 101 49 38
Power: 5.00000 kw
Website: http://www.ramarcom.com/
Notes: Simulcast of the Fox 34 News at Nine.

Frequency: 1340 kHz
Callsign: KKAM
Location: Lubbock, N 33 33 24 W 101 51 46
Power: 1.00000 kw
Website: http://www.kkam.com/
Notes: Sports radio.  Programming includes; Sports Line with Jack Dale, Jay Mariotti Show, The Cafe with Mark Finkner and Jim G., Dan Patrick Show, ESPN Gameday, Williams & Hyatt, Papa Joe Chevalier, ESPN Gamenight, One on One Sports, and the Lone Star Fishing Report.  Sporting event programming includes; Texas Tech Football and Basketball. 

Frequency: 1420 kHz
Callsign: KLFB
Location: Lubbock, N 33 36 49 W 101 52 30
Power: 0.50000 kw

Frequency: 1460 kHz
Callsign: KBZO
Location: Lubbock, N 33 32 53 W 101 49 24
Power: 1.00000 kw
Notes: Tejano music.

Frequency: 1590 kHz
Callsign: KDAV
Location: Lubbock, N 33 31 15 W 101 46 27
Power: 1.00000 kw
Website: http://www.kdav.com/
Notes: Rock & Roll and Country from the 50's and 60's.  Programming includes; Rockin' Ron Reid in the Morning, Virgil Johnson, Country-fied Bill Lee Playing Music by West Texas Artists, Bill Clement, Jerry Coleman, Nick St. John "In the Playpen", Music with Misty, Scott Seeburg, David Ruebush, Robby Crowder "The Toad", Mark Beneze "Sunday Morning Memories", Mike Young "Heartsong", Steve Hemmeline "Easy 50's".