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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Action Notification Network?
The Action Notification Network, sometimes called ANN, is a system that uses the Internet email system to dispatch, to a pool of users, information about breaking news and events.  It was originally developed to let several friends notify one another of high-drama events heard on a police radio scanner.  The creators of the system soon saw that the system could benefit more than just hobbyists.  It has been expanded to include all types of alerts and caters to a wide range of users.

How does the notification system work?
After learning of an important event, a dispatcher accesses a website where he/she can send a page for a certain category with a short message.  This message is sent to all the users within the selected parameters using the Internet email system.

How do I receive notifications?
Any device that can have an email address can be used with the ANN.  Most text-pagers and digital cellular phones can receive Internet email messages.  Of course your standard email account can be utilized.

How much does it cost?
At this time the service is offered at no cost.  It is free.  At some point in the future this service may require a subscription fee.  Active members of the network will be given at least two months notice if and when a fee structure is implemented.

What privacy concerns should I have as a users of ANN?
At this time we ask only basic information of you when you sign up.  Any information that we collect will be kept confidential.  It will not be given away or sold and it cannot be accessed by another user or dispatcher.  If the Action Notification Network is sold or a transfer of ownership takes place you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the network and avoid having any of your information transferred.

Why can't I use a Hotmail email account?
There is a potential for the Action Notification Network to be abused.  Because of this possibility we request that you use an email address supplied by an Internet Service Provider instead of an email only provider.  AOL, The Door, @Home, are examples of an ISPs that provide email addresses. Your paging address can be any email address including Hotmail or any other email service.

How fast will I receive the pages?
The Action Notification Network server is connected directly to the email server which, in turn, is connected directly to an Internet backbone.  This ensures that the messages are sent as quickly as possible.  Speed will vary depending on Internet traffic, time of day, how your email client is setup, and many other factors.  Tests indicate that most pages are received within a few seconds to three minutes.

I'm not a radio scanner enthusiast.  Why would I want to use this service?
Although the system was originally developed for scanner buffs, it has expanded so that it is practical for people of many walks of life.  View a list of Notification Events or click one of the occupations below to see how different people are able to take advantage of the network.

School Principal
Fire Fighter
Airplane Pilot
Amateur Radio Operator
Emergency Service Organization
News Reporter
Frequent Motorist

How do I subscribe to the Action Notification Network service?
Fill out the "Request Authorization" form.