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Trunked Radio Systems

City of Lubbock - Comnet-Ericsson EDACS type trunked radio system -  The system's primary users are the Lubbock Police and Fire.  Lubbock EMS, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office and the LISD Police also use the system.  Virtually all of the City Services have access to this radio system as well.

Texas Tech - Motorola Type II trunked radio system - This five channel system is used for most two-way communications at Tech.  Texas Tech Police, Fire Marshal, United Spirit Arena, Traffic and Parking, etc.

CMRS Systems Inc. - Motorola Type I trunked radio system - This SMR system is for business type use.  Users include WISE Security, Four Points Hotel, Roto Rooter and SmithKline Beecham Medical Labs.

Stenocall, or Lubbock Radio Paging Service - EF Johnson LTR trunked radio system - This SMR system is for business type use.  The most notable users on this system are the television news media.  KCBD, KJTV, KLBK and KAMC make use of this system.

South Plains Electric Cooperative - EF Johnson LTR trunked radio system - SPEC operations.

Motorola System 5a08 - Motorola Type I trunked radio system - Business SMR.

Southwestern Public Service - Motorola Type II Digital trunked radio system - This is a networked TRS that spans a large area.  However, it uses APCO 16 compliant digital modulation that is not monitorable with most off the shelf radio scanners.

Conventional Radio Systems

Amateur Radio
  • Caprock Repeater Club - Linked and non-linked repeaters maintained by the Caprock Repeater Club. 
  • Lubbock Amateur Radio Frequencies - VHF and UHF amateur radio frequencies and repeaters. 
  • Packet Radio - Digital modes of amateur radio including the popular APRS. 
  • Texas Repeater Search - A searchable file of amateur radio repeaters in all of Texas. Created by Matt Norwood, KD5HHM. 


Broadcast Radio and Television

  • AM Radio - AM broadcasters. 
  • FM Radio - FM broadcasters. 
  • Television - Television broadcasters. 
  • News Media - Television newsgathering communications. Includes Channels 11, 13, 28 and 34. 

Law Enforcement


  • South Plains Area Medical Channels - A comprehensive list of all the hospitals in the South Plains and the radio channel they use to communicate with ambulance crews. 


  • The Big List - Large list of VHF and UHF frequencies used in Lubbock area. Does not include trunked systems. 
  • South Plains Farm Cooperatives - Coops from around the South Plains area. Farming and business type communications. 

Mutual Aid

  • IRAC Federal Aid - Interagency Radio Advisory Committee recommendations for a common mutual aid radio system. 
  • Mutual Aid - Common mutual aid frequencies. 


  • Lubbock Railroads - Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the West Texas and Lubbock Railroads. 

Special Interest

  • CB Radio - The citizen's bands. CB, FRS, GMRS, and LPRS. 
  • Fast Food - Drive-thru windows at fast food restaurants. Do you want fries with your Big Mac? 
  • Private Security - Security guards and alarm companies. 
  • South Plains Mall - Listen to all the operations taking place at the mall.