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Breaking News  (5 March 2001 - 12:30 AM)
Students are killed in mass shooting at a high school in Santee, California, a suburb of San Diego.  There has been at least one fatality and one more death is being reported, but is not confirmed.  Reports of 9 to 15 more shooting victims have been taken to hospitals  A single male student, who had joked about shooting at school, appears to have been a lone gunman.  The event occurred at about 10:30 AM CST.  Police have confiscated still photos and video in connection with the case.  
View the Breaking News Log.

Live Scanner

NTSB Report of Recent Helicopter Crash Posted (4 March 2001)
Last week LRN reported on the helicopter that was missing in the Northern Panhandle region of our state.  The owners of the private helicopter was returning to a helipad near Amarillo from Gruver where they had been attending their granddaughter's basketball game.  Read the NTSB's Preliminary Report.

Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (3 March 2001)
Two shuttles layover at nearby Air Force Bases while waiting for weather in Florida to improve.  A single stage to orbit spacecraft, the X-33, project is cancelled.  NASA prepares the Discovery for a March 8th launch to the International Space Station.  Read More.

Red Means Stop! (1 March 2001)
The House Public Safety Committee voted in favor of HB 1115 which would allow cities to install cameras at intersections to enforce traffic signal laws.  If the bill passes to become law, it is likely that Lubbock will install several cameras at intersections around the city.  Full Story.

Police Auction Website Sells Stolen Goods (1 March 2001)
A website setup by several ex-LAPD cops, including former Police Chief Daryl Gates, sells seized and unclaimed property.  The site splits the proceeds with the law enforcement agencies that provide the loot.  If the legitimate owner of one of the auction items can prove the property belongs to them, then they can use a feature to make a claim and have it shipped to them free of charge.  CNN Story  Related Links - Hot Scanners for sale.

Website Updates

Live Scanner Audio - Because of power outages and computer problems last weekend, the live scanner audio feed was intermittent, at best.  Those problems have been resolved and the Real Audio feed should return this weekend.

Action Notification Network - ANN is back!  ANN is an alerting service provided by the Lubbock Radio Network to make you aware of major incidents that occur in our area.  A short message is sent to your email address, a text pager or a digital cellular telephone.  

The following weather alerts are dispatched:
  • Flash Flood Watch and Warning
  • Thunderstorm Watch and Warning
  • Tornado Watch and Warning
Be alerted to the following types of incidents:
  • Vehicle Pursuits
  • Structure Fires
  • Major Accidents
  • Hazardous Material Situations (HAZMAT)
  • Aircraft in Trouble
  • MARS, CAP, RACES, Skywarn Activations
  • Missing Children
  • More...