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South Plains Mall

Malls are great places to explore with your scanner. In addition to security and maintenance there is a lot to hear on a radio scanner at the mall. The South Plains Mall in Lubbock, Texas is not an exception. These are the frequencies that I suggest that you load into your scanner before your trip to the mall and some hints at finding new frequencies.

Business Band Frequencies

These frequencies are used the most by the individual stores in the malls:

VHF Business Band
151.625 MHz - Red Dot
151.995 MHz - Purple Dot
154.570 MHz - Blue Dot
154.600 MHz - Green Dot
UHF Business Band
464.500 MHz - Brown Dot
464.550 MHz - Yellow Dot
467.7625 MHz - 'J' Dot
467.8125 MHz - 'K' Dot
467.850 MHz - Silver Star
467.875 MHz - Gold Star
467.900 MHz - Red Star
467.925 MHz - Blue Star

Family Radio Service Frequencies

This is a new radio service designed for friends and families to keep in touch. Although they are becoming more and more popular they are not common enough that you will hear a lot of traffic. However, they are sold by RadioShack and department stores. It is likely that you can monitor customers just trying them out. Because of their price and decent range it is not uncommon to hear them being used by businesses. There are fourteen FRS (family radio service) frequencies and they are:

Channel 1 - 462.5625 MHz
Channel 2 - 462.5875 MHz
Channel 3 - 462.6125 MHz
Channel 4 - 462.6375 MHz
Channel 5 - 462.6625 MHz
Channel 6 - 462.6875 MHz
Channel 7 - 462.7125 MHz
Channel 8 - 467.5625 MHz
Channel 9 - 467.5875 MHz
Channel 10 - 467.6125 MHz
Channel 11 - 467.6375 MHz
Channel 12 - 467.6625 MHz
Channel 13 - 467.6875 MHz
Channel 14 - 467.7125 MHz

FCC Licensed Frequencies

These are frequencies that are compiled from FCC records. This means that the user of these frequencies has applied for and received a license to operate on the listed frequency. Many companies and individuals don't bother to apply for a license so not every radio user is listed with the FCC.

South Plains Mall Associates LTD. - WNWQ748
461.1250 [466.1250] (85.4) - Maintenance
461.2500 [466.2500] (D244) - Security

Dillard's Department Store - KD4175
461.5875, 461.6875, 461.7375, 464.1375, 464.2125, 464.8375

Best Buy - WPAR320
460.8875, 461.8375, 461.9125

Home Depot - WPLE546
461.2125, 463.2875, 464.6375

Other Reported Frequencies used at the Mall

Old Navy Store  - (No FCC License Information)

Other Frequencies to Monitor While at the Mall

In addition to frequencies above there are other more conventional monitoring you can do while you are at the mall. Taxi cab companies, busses, and city police are a few examples.

Taxi Cabs
Yellow Cab - WNMV255
152.360, 157.620

Citibus and the Lubbock Police Department use the City of Lubbock's EDACS trunked radio system.  Check for Citibus on talk group 02-101.  For the police department check talk groups used for special events like 01-094.

How to Find New 'Mall' Frequencies

There are a few tricks you can use to find new frequencies while you're at the mall.

  • When you see a person with a radio observe the style of antenna. VHF radio antennas are usually a thicker and sometimes taller than UHF radio antennas. UHF radio antennas are either thin or very stubby. Search the VHF or UHF business frequencies if you see an antenna such as this.
  • Become familiar with the styles of radios. The new FRS radios are very small and the most popular FRS frequency is Channel One.
  • Use a frequency counter. These tools of the trade capture nearby frequencies and can even automatically tune some radio scanners.
  • If you have the opportunity to observe a radio close up look at the back or bottom. Sometime the frequency that it operates on will be listed. If not, then look for a colored dot or star. Refer to the business band radio frequencies to figure out what frequency these identifying marks are for.